About CBI Polymers

CBI Polymers Inc. is a leader in creating, manufacturing and distributing products that are environmentally friendly, safe and ultimately designed to enhance or protect our homeland.   In early 2010, CBI Polymers was recognized and honored by the U.S. Department of Energy receiving the annual Environment, Security, Safety and Health Achievement Award for the agency’s effective use of our premier product, DeconGel.

DeconGel was originally developed for the U.S Air Force to use on special mission aircraft designed for air sampling. Although DeconGel was created initially for the U.S. Government, its dual-use capabilities and strength as a potential commercial product exceeded expectations.   DeconGel use soon spread to Nuclear Power plants and remediation service companies worldwide.  The hydrogel is used to decontaminate a broad spectrum of hard surfaces and 3-D objects.  

The product  also can be used within the military, HAZMAT, CBRNE, and overall clean-up  training scenarios. Other products often require mixing toxic chemicals and  are too costly or labor intensive for actual training.   With DeconGel you fight as you train, so when a real event occurs, your crews are ready!   

CBI Polymers has delivered its line of decontamination products  to customers including the U.S Department of Energy, nuclear plants across the United States, Canada and the U.K.  We are headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii with ISO 9002 certified manufacturing facilities in Ohio.  We have sales associates throughout the world so feel free to contact us today so we can  provide you a CBI Polymers solution immediately.


DeconGel “The Strength to Pull off Any Job!”